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Pre Purchase Pest Inspections: Timber Inspections & More

Ensure your investment is pest-free with our pre purchase timber pest inspections in Melbourne.

Are you looking to buy a new property in Melbourne?

If you are, here is a genuine buyer beware warning, in Melbourne a pre-purchase pest inspection is one of the most valuable investments you will make as a buyer before you buy or settle on any property.

Pest infestation generally goes unnoticed. Unless you work with a professional and an experienced pre-purchase pest inspector you won’t know what to look for and you can be in for a very expensive shock if your property is found to have a pest problem.

Our goal team has vast experience to quickly assess any pest infestation risk and promptly quantify the cost consequences of any remediation work required providing the buyer with sufficient information to recalibrate the project’s viability calculations.

Do I need an inspection expert?

Peace of mind is what our professional pest inspection report will give you.

In our opinion, it is critically important that all Melbourne buyers conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection using a qualified professional and avoid disappointment and expensive pest induced property rehabilitation work that may be required in the future.

We only use qualified pest inspectors

Our qualified pest inspectors are in demand right across Melbourne and surrounding metro areas carrying out comprehensive pre-purchase pest inspections and pre-purchase timber pest inspection services according to client specifications.

What do we inspect?

As part of the inspection process, where accessible our inspectors will:

  • Examine subfloor areas where the building is NOT on a concrete slab
  • Examine the roof void
  • Check the internal timbers including skirting boards, door and window frames
  • Check external timbers as well as any potentially compromised trees and stumps in the property’s vicinity

Following the completion of the pest inspection a detailed comprehensive report of findings and recommendations will be provided to you the same day for your prompt follow up.

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