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Building Dilapidation Survey: Reports Done Melbourne Wide

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Dilapidation Surveys Melbourne

A dilapidation survey is a comprehensive report detailing the condition of a building and its surrounds. It reports on aspects of the existing building or building site and all adjacent properties and external infrastructure and surrounding vacant areas. It provides an imaged appraisal of restorative fabric defects and structural faults. The survey is prepared by an independent, qualified expert.

Is your company about to commence construction works or demolition works?

Avoid expensive disputes and disagreements with adjoining neighbours by getting an independent professional building dilapidation survey report completed for your building or demolition site and protect yourself from falsified and fabricated dilapidation claims from dodgy neighbours.

Don’t risk losing your hard-earned project earnings over unfounded building dilapidation disputes from unscrupulous neighbours looking to profit from your oversight. Getting an independent dilapidation survey completed before you commence your works will deter any unwarranted fabricated grievances against your project.

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This is a MUST read if your property is near a new or proposed construction or demolition site.

Disputes are being filed almost daily throughout court rooms in Melbourne over damage caused by nearby construction or demolition sites to pre-existing buildings and properties. The problem is that most property owners cannot validly prove their case in a court of law if the condition of their property changes during demolition or construction.

At Correct Inspect we have a highly sophisticated team of professional building inspectors who are licensed to undertake an all-encompassing end to end survey of your home or commercial property and issue you with a detailed report that you can use to clearly identify any changes to your property.

Get a dilapidation survey as ‘insurance’ for potential future claims before neighbouring construction works commence

If your building is near a newly proposed construction site, or a demolition site it is very important that you obtain a professional dilapidation survey, especially if you have concerns that the integrity of your building structure may be compromised by the neighbouring works.

We strongly recommend getting a dilapidation survey completed before the works commence so that you have a fully attested, time stamped independent report that you can lean on in case of a future dispute.

Get the help of an industry recognised experienced building inspector to survey your property’s condition prior to neighbouring construction works commencing.

The inspector assembles a photographic portfolio of pre-existing faults of your building for your record, so that if any future damage is observed after adjacent construction or demolition works have started then your building dilapidation report will be the key in identifying areas you may have concerns about.

Our Melbourne team

All our building dilapidation surveys are conducted by our local Melbourne experts, a team of licensed building inspectors that are recognized across the building industry as world-class unbiased professionals.

We are the experts that the industry turns to when they need a professional building survey that can withstand the scrutiny of a complex dispute in any court of law or arbitration.

How long does a building dilapidation survey take to prepare?

Preparing a standard building dilapidation survey report in Melbourne typically takes [2-3 days] to prepare after access has been granted to the neighbouring properties.
The key time factor is access to your property and the most common reason for delays is the availability of current tenants.

If you have an urgent need for a fast turnaround in the preparation of your building dilapidation survey, just get in touch with our Melbourne team via email or give us a call on 0411 487 300 and one of our licensed experts in our Melbourne office will chat to you and work out possible availabilities.

Bookings and scheduling appointments

Our team is flexible to work around the availability of tenants and site supervisors in order to get the work completed for you.

We work directly with you, your property manager or site supervisor to arrange the best time for the physical property inspection.

After the inspection

After we have inspected your property and its adjacent properties, our team will prepare a comprehensive building dilapidation survey that will be reviewed and signed off by one of our senior qualified licensed building inspectors ready for your use.