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Handover Reports

New Home Handover Building Inspections Across Melbourne

Have your dream home checked for imperfections with our expert handover inspections.

A new home building inspection is completed and signed off between you and your builder before you take final legal possession of the home.

In our opinion, it is mandatory that you utilize the services of a qualified professional to have your new home assessed and checked for compliance with the Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

Have you scheduled your new home handover inspection yet?

You must schedule your new home handover inspection with a professional independent inspector once your builder has advised you that they have completed the contracted works and have addressed all your previous concerns raised during the build.

We have seen too many horror stories and strongly advise all our clients not to “DIY this process” but to make sure that a professional inspector is hired to complete the final inspection.

Most Melbourne homes cost upwards of $500,000 and the last thing you want is to get entangled in a disputed maintenance arbitration with your builder just because you skimped on hiring the services of an industry-certified building inspector to conduct a thorough hand over inspection before moving into your new home.

Organise a new home building inspection with one of our trusted and experienced Melbourne inspectors today.

 What does our new home building inspection cover?

We have very experienced and sought after inspectors operating throughout Melbourne and surrounding metro areas carrying out new home handover inspections across the city performing an end to end inspection of the new home building thoroughly checking all accessible areas of the property so as to:

  • Examine every interior room of the house
  • Examine the building’s exterior, roof space and underfloor space
  • Check that everything has been built in accordance with the Guide to Standards and Tolerances including the garage, carport, fencing, paths, and driveways
  • Clearly note down and query all defects and faults
  • Provide a computer-generated report with a photo and narrative of every defect for ease of recognition so nothing gets missed. We even mark o your home with stickers

Following the completion of the inspection, a detailed comprehensive report of findings and recommendations will be provided to you for your prompt follow up.

Why is a new home building inspection important?

This will be the last opportunity for you and your family to have one last chance to make sure the builder has done their job.

Certain construction defects such as a leaking roof are difficult and expensive to remediate while you are living in the property and can cause damage to other personal goods. In addition, you want to avoid disputes with the builder relating to the damage that can be incorrectly attributed to occupancy.

While the builder is compelled by law to provide post-occupancy warranties and maintenance guarantees but not quality and detail a professionally conducted new home building inspection is critically important and we recommend that it must not be omitted for your own protection and peace of mind.

 Our Melbourne team

All our new home building inspections are conducted by our local Melbourne experts, a team of licensed building inspectors that are recognised across the building industry as world-class meticulous professionals.

We are industry experts that provide unbiased reports that will keep your builder accountable and will protect you and your family in the event of a future dispute relating to any defects identified during the new home handover inspection.

How long does a new home building inspection report take to prepare?

Completing a new home building inspection report in Melbourne typically takes 24hrs to prepare after the physical inspection has been completed. This allows the builder to act on the report quickly without delay.
The key time factor is access to your new home and the most common reason for delays is the availability of the building site supervisor.

If you have an urgent need for a fast turnaround in the preparation of your new home building inspection report, just get in touch with our Melbourne team via email or give us a call on 0411 487 300 and one of our licensed inspectors in our Melbourne office will chat to you and work out possible availabilities.

Bookings and scheduling appointments

Our team is flexible to work around the availability of the building site supervisors in order to get the work completed for you.

We work directly with you, your agent or building site supervisor to arrange the best time for the physical property inspection.

After the inspection

After we have inspected your property, our team will prepare a comprehensive new home handover inspection report that will be reviewed and signed off by one of our senior qualified licensed building inspectors complete with findings and recommendations for your follow up with the builder.