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Pre Purchase Property & Building Inspections Report Melbourne

Feel confident in your purchase with our building inspection reports.

A pre purchase building inspection is a relatively small but very important investment that you should make as a buyer before you buy or settle on any property.

A seller can superficially hide building defects from unsuspecting buyers and unless you are a professional and an experienced pre purchase building inspector you won’t know what to look for and that can be very dangerous.

Our goal is to help you purchase your next property with confidence knowing that a qualified and experienced registered builder has performed a detailed pre purchase inspection of the property in accordance with Australian Inspection Standards.

In our opinion it is critically important that you get a qualified professional to inspect your proposed property before you commit to parting with hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars.

What does a pre purchase building inspection report provide?

We have very experienced and sought after inspectors operating throughout Melbourne and surrounding metro areas carrying out comprehensive pre purchase property inspections which involve performing an end to end inspection of the property, thoroughly checking all the building components in all accessible areas of the property, describing the current condition and detailing any building defects, likely repairs and maintenance requirements prior to the property being purchased.

As part of the inspection process our inspectors will:

  • Examine every interior room of the building
  • Examine the building’s exterior, roof space and under floor space
  • Check everything including the garage, car port, fencing, paths and driveways
  • Provide a computer generated report as per AS 4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of Buildings. Part 1: Pre Purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings

Following the completion of the inspection, a detailed comprehensive report of findings and recommendations will be provided to you the same day for your prompt follow up.

Our office collaborates with reputable Melbourne based pest and termite inspection specialists that will support any request to have that as an additional certification to aide your purchase decision.

Why are pre purchase property inspections so important?

You can not be certain that the home or commercial building you are looking to purchase is in good repair or has maintenance issues you need to be aware of. Matters of significant concern such as subsidence and structural defects can be unearthed by a professional inspection.

Our inspections have saved clients thousands and thousands of dollars, our inspectors are not emotionally attached to the property and make extremely objective professionally considered recommendations for your protection and sanity.

Don’t risk it, don’t trust what sales agent is telling you, get it inspected by a professional before you sign the contract.

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