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Property Depreciation Schedule Melbourne Wide

Maximise your tax depreciation with a property depreciation schedule from the team at Correct Inspect.

Are you an investment property or rental property owner with property in Melbourne?

Did you know that while overall price of a house may go up, the value of your physical building and your fixtures and fittings in the house will decrease in value over time due to wear and tear also known as depreciation?

Under current Australian Taxation rules property owners generally qualify to claim the decrease in property value as capital allowances or taxable deductions every year against assessable taxable income.

Don’t pay a dollar more in tax than you need to!

Claim every deduction that is legally available to you and reduces your taxable income as much as you can.

In order to accurately and compliantly claim deductions against your taxable income as an investment property owner, you need to have a detailed property depreciation schedule each income tax year that is ATO compliant and will not cause you any stress in the event of a tax audit.

A depreciation schedule is valid for multiple tax years so the investment you make in getting a professional property depreciation schedule prepared is an investment that will benefit your tax savings for multiple years to come.

Our Melbourne team

All our property depreciation schedules are prepared by our local Melbourne experts, a team of qualified industry experts that are recognised across the industry and highly regarded professionals.

Our mission is to make sure that you receive the absolute maximum available deductions from your property depreciation schedule to validate and support your tax depreciation claim.

How long does a property depreciation schedule take to prepare?

Preparing a standard property depreciation schedule in Melbourne typically takes 2-3 weeks to prepare. While we will probably deliver it quicker than that it’s a good guide to work with.

The key time factor is access to your investment property and the most common reason for delays is tenant availability.

If you have an urgent need for a fast turnaround in the preparation of your depreciation schedule, just get in touch with our Melbourne team via email or give us a call on 0411 487 300 and one of our tax depreciation experts in our Melbourne office will chat to you and work out possible availabilities.

Bookings and scheduling appointments

Our team is flexible to work around the availability of tenants in order to get the work completed for you.

We work directly with your property manager to arrange the best time for the physical property inspection.

After the inspection

After we have inspected your property our team will prepare a detailed property depreciation schedule that will be reviewed and signed off by one our senior qualified quantity surveyors ready for your use as you prepare for your taxes.